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Shipping, the tip of the spear

Greece & Shipping

Greece has always been a naval nation. Greeks have been sailors since the ancient times and to this day, shipping is still the foundation of Greek economy, ranking at the top of all commercial shipping activity worldwide and containing all types of ships, along with the recently included black carriers.

Numbers & Prospects

The Greek nation, although consisting of 10 million people, still to this day holds the first place in ship ownership worldwide. To put it in perspective, 23,2% of the global commercial fleet consists of Greek ships.

The prospect for investments in Greek shipping is huge for large investors and the team of Go Greece can certainly be of tremendous use to them, since they are highly experienced in all naval activities.

Our Founder - Our Guarantie

Mr. Grigorios Atzarakis’ Law firm dealt extensively with naval and shipping-related cases and he himself was a financial manager for 8 years in one of Greece’s biggest ship supplying companies (Antoniadis Atlas S.A.), as well as President of “Sailors Severance Fund” and “Home of Sailor”