Grigorios Atzarakis

honorary attorney at law at the supreme court


Curriculum Vitae

  • Graduate of “PANTEION UNIVERSITY” – Department of Political and Economical Sciences.
  • -Graduate of “ARISTOTELEION UNIVERSITY OF THESSALONIKI” – Department of Law.
  • -Worked as a financial manager for 9 years in one of Greece’s biggest ship supplying companies (Antoniadis Atlas S.A.).
  • -Was a member of the Management Boards and stock owner of many anonymous companies, across multiple fields of entrepreneurship.
  • -Attorney at Law at the Supreme Court since 1975.
  • -Served as a legal advisor to “Commerce and Industrial General S.A.” and a multitude of other Anonymous Companies for more than 30 years.
  • -Successfully handled thousands of legal cases for entrepreneurs related to commercial, civil and naval law.
  • -Handled Greece’s legal representation towards FARBOIL, an American company that produces ship paint.
  • -He set up more than 100 anonymous companies.
  • -He envisioned, planned and facilitated the privatization of the former LANARA – KYRTSI industrial complex, on behalf of 40 business owners.
  • -He oversaw the acquisitions of multiple industrial facilities, hotels and companies.
  • -Was a legal advisor of the Greek Ship Suppliers Club and appointed attorney in Greece by the International Ship Suppliers Association.
  • -Was an editor and writer of “Shipping Mirror”, a magazine about shipping.
  • -Served as President of “Sailors Severance Fund”,  as well as “Home of Sailor”