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“Holy, virgin, Hellenic land”

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Greece: An agricultural  powerhouse


Greek consumables and agricultural products has always been the core of Greek outsourcing, gaining a prominent position in the European food markets and quickly expanding towards the US, Russia and China.

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Greek and especially Cretan olive oil ranks among the very best types of olive oil worldwide.  In addition to that, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, fish, olives, raisins, wine, tomato and flower based products, types of meat and packaged rations benefit from the impeccable quality that the Greek land can provide and pose a tremendous opportunity for expansion in outsourcing.

Based on the above, investment opportunities can be found:

1) In the reallocation and enhancement of the production of consumables with the use of new technologies (greenhouses, hydroponics).

2) In the development and growth of organic products.

3) In the development of high quality packaging.

4) In investing in boutique and niche markets, by taking advantage of the high quality agricultural products.

5) In the development of products with high added value, according to the global trends in Mediterranean cuisine.

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